Created for Community

As someone that spent most of my teens and well into adulthood with undiagnosed schizophrenia (a very long story in it of itself), I often struggled with forming and maintaining relationships. My friendships and romantic partnerships were like shooting stars, burning bright for a moment and then burning out in a flash. So when I … Continue reading Created for Community

Name it and Claim it Theology

A big part of my spiritual journey is that I was raised in the Southern Baptist sphere of Christianity. It’s a very no nonsense denomination. Early on in my faith, I explored different denominations of Christianity because I wanted my faith to be my own and eventually came across the popular Prosperity Gospel church. You … Continue reading Name it and Claim it Theology

Being Single

Recently, I've been thinking about what it means to be single and almost 30. What does it look like to live in the tension between desiring marriage and living out the calling of being single for as long as God has me here. It's been a weird season, these last few months. I dated a … Continue reading Being Single


Truth be told, I haven't trusted much in God's sovereignty. Not the way I should have been doing. For most of my life, I was told I was not worthy of the love I craved. I was told that if anyone really knew me, they wouldn't want me. And so I kept everyone at arm's … Continue reading Sovereignty