Like a Child

So I made a big move last week. I went on a date. Considering my last blog post, it was a big deal. But I have to go back. Back to the day before the date. It started with a therapy session, like all good stories start with. I went in the intent to talk … Continue reading Like a Child


Dear Texas

For those of you unfamiliar with my story, I'll explain: I am a repeat Jonah offender. By that, I mean when God says turn left, I tend to run in the opposite direction until God ultimately brings me back to turning left. Three years ago, I quit my job because I felt like God was … Continue reading Dear Texas

A dream

I knew I was dreaming. I looked out the window of the house I was standing in and calmly told my friends, I know I'm dreaming but God's trying to show me something. I turned my attention back to the scene at hand. A chair sat in the middle of the room. I needed to … Continue reading A dream


I've always wanted the choice taken away from me. I don't want to pick my job. Where I live. My husband. I want God to remove all options from me so I don't have to choose. I thought I was being holy. I thought I was being wise. Isn't it full surrender to release any … Continue reading Choice