Meet Emily

My Story

Much of my Christian life has been spent unlearning church theology. Whereas now it is common place to deconstruct Christianity as a whole, my goal has never been to leave Jesus or His bride but rather unlearn manipulative, cultural theology in order to truly know my beloved.

It has been messy and at times, I found myself to be the toxic person in the room. But that’s what happens when you’re wrestling with your demons; you get worse before you get better. At my lowest point, pastors, church leaders and the women who posted pictures of their quiet times on Instagram had all abandoned me. I was ostracized from the church and all I had was Jesus.

It was the people in the church who helped me get up, wash my face and keep going that reminded me that the type of mercy that changes people is daring. It requires much of yourself to seek out and love the marginalized.

I wanted to create a blog for Christians like me. The ones who don’t walk away. The ones that question the ways we’ve done things in the past but ultimately, want truth and justice to be known, not progression for progression’s sake. I hope that I can create a safe place for Christians like that.

Welcome framily (friends + family).