First choice

I lay in bed all day. I cannot eat. I cannot watch TV. I avoid social media at all costs. It is May 7, 2016. The day he is getting married. I don't love him but my heart aches with a pain I cannot understand. I imagine the venue, the people, his suit, her dress. … Continue reading First choice



So I couldn't get out of bed yesterday. I wasn't depressed. I was overwhelmed with so much joy that I couldn't contain it all. I had spent the day before dancing in public. Dancing at the office. Dancing in the checkout line at the movie theater. Today, I want to run. My legs literally hurt … Continue reading Dancing


I was sitting in my therapist's office, explaining to him why I push. I'm an advocate. I told him, as if that explained everything. And advocates are results-oriented. He responded. Yes!! Absolutely!!! I want to know that what I do has an effect. He smiled at me. But results aren't in your control. That's God's … Continue reading Mistakes


My friend and I decided that we wanted to see the glory of God more often. So we did what any red-blooded Christian does: we prayed.  We saw nothing. We experienced nothing. We didn't know what was wrong.  Like I said earlier, I've been reading through the Psalms. Today, I stumbled across Psalm 19.  The … Continue reading Wait.