My mother’s daughter

I’ll be honest – I haven’t trusted much in God’s sovereignty. I have to explain: this has everything to do with my mother. When my mom was in her twenties, she was a full-time missionary. She spoke in churches all over the South. She wanted to be the next Elizabeth Eliot, sharing the gospel, writing … Continue reading My mother’s daughter


Dear Texas

For those of you unfamiliar with my story, I'll explain: I am a repeat Jonah offender. By that, I mean when God says turn left, I tend to run in the opposite direction until God ultimately brings me back to turning left. Three years ago, I quit my job because I felt like God was … Continue reading Dear Texas

A Therapy Session

Can we talk about something? I asked my therapist one Thursday afternoon. Sure, he responded. I started hearing a voice telling me that I'm going to marry someone who has a girlfriend. I've never talked to him, never interacted with him. I'm really frustrated with this voice. Here's the problem: I have feelings for someone … Continue reading A Therapy Session


I don’t talk about Ben much these days. I think I’ve moved on past that time in my life but then something will happen and I’ll be brought back to being 21 and in love with one of my favorite people. When I met Ben, he was trying to win back his ex-girlfriend. He wouldn’t … Continue reading Prayers


Someone told me once when I first diagnosed to not always believe everything my brain is telling me. It was probably one of the wisest pieces of advice I had received, I got into a discussion earlier this week over the topic of signs from God. I'm not a fan of this concept. Truthfully, I … Continue reading Whisper.

First choice

I lay in bed all day. I cannot eat. I cannot watch TV. I avoid social media at all costs. It is May 7, 2016. The day he is getting married. I don't love him but my heart aches with a pain I cannot understand. I imagine the venue, the people, his suit, her dress. … Continue reading First choice