Why I’m grateful for the zookeeper

I never talk about Wally. I think it’s because I really didn’t understand what had happened or why I was the way I was. Looking back, this was right around the time I started getting sick. My brain was making connections to things it shouldn’t. It started with a dating site a friend had encouraged … Continue reading Why I’m grateful for the zookeeper


I walk down a different street.

You know what I rarely talk about? My sin. The things I've done in my past. I think it's because I'm scared of being judged. Here's go nothing. I'm a homewrecker. No, I've never tried to steal a woman's husband but I have absolutely tried to steal a girl's boyfriend. I've done this exactly twice … Continue reading I walk down a different street.

Dear John

I don't know about you but from time to time, I get these moments where I captivated by the Holy Spirit over something that apparently needs to be addressed. It usually comes out of nowhere. I usually cry. I move on. I should backtrack. For eight years, I had massive feelings for a friend. About … Continue reading Dear John


I knew a woman once who told me this amazing story upon our first meeting. She and her husband had two children and were living in California when they heard of a ministry opportunity to serve in a Muslim country. In order to pay for this opportunity, they would have to sell everything they owned … Continue reading Faith

Me Too

I don't ever talk about it. I woke up this morning to a social meeting campaign, where people were sharing their sexual abuse/assault cases with the hashtag #metoo. And by people, I mean women, because the narrative has effectively excluded men. It's also portrayed men as the sole predators. If you knew my story, you'd … Continue reading Me Too


All life-changing love is inconvenient. – Tim Keller I could probably just begin and end my blog post with that. A few months ago, God started to ask me to get involved with prison ministry. My answer was a curt “no” and nothing more. God just got louder. If I’m honest, I just felt myself … Continue reading Inconvenient.